We have a place where we want to bring Super Fans of all sports together.  It is your passion for your teams that makes the sports world possible.  Here you are welcomed to be as wild as you want to be but all in good taste and at the end of the day, good hosts, rivals, and sportsman.  That is what being a Super Fan is all about.

Super Groups

Super Fans

We welcome fans to send us a 2 min video of their tailgating experirence.  We will have them on this page and you can vote for your favorite.  The lucky winner will get some Simple Playz merch and very likely a visit from Will Stein at a future tailgating event.

For the ultimate tailgaters, here are some groups to look for on your next road trip.  Send us your info if you would like your group to be added to our network.

Super Fans Tailgate Challenge