What we do



NIL Deals

We are constructing a national and international network to organize athletes, families, boosters, and marketers to form local, city, state, regional  networks to help with getting parties together to get deals done. 

We are bringing form athlete groups together with groups in their conferences to mentor these athletes into this new realm earning potential much, much earlier in their career. 

We are here to get the resources athletes need to build their brands while they build their career. 

Our Partners with Prime Time Scouting are masters of getting athletes where they need to go and find the best fit not just the closest.

Organizations work with Prime Time daily to assist with getting the right athlete to their program no matter what level of collegiate athletics, Division I, II, III, NAIA, HBCU.

Once an athlete joins Prime Time, it is a life long relationship that doesn't end when your career ends.  It is lifetime mentoring with the encouragement to all to pay it forward.

Now that the money is involved and there is no more participation just on school pride.  The partcipation of a college and soon to be highschool athlete is now going to be a business decision.  We are not here to sugar coath the concept, we are here to open the eyes of players, families and organizations to not play games but be serious about deals.  

We are not just here to showcase the top tier but the majority of athletes.  So the deals are to maximize a atheltes earning potential at the same time bring the talent to schools, and organizations they need to build winning programs.  

So we strive to build the relationships and close the deals where all parties win  whil preserving the values we all hold dear in participating in sports.

With the money coming to athletes at a younger age, it is important that our organization brings balance, integrity and order to this new market of the Wild Wild West.