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If you would just like to know more about us or just ask questions about your case, please fill out the form and state your question. If you are seeking redemption or relief from straw man related issues we can also assist with those inquiries. 

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There is nothing typical about our service, we are not sovereign citizens, nor attorney's, we are advocates who know the system is broken and needs to be repaired but we are not trying to defy it in every way but are seeking to use it as it is supposed to be used. Everyone is not ready to accept and understand how things work, but if you have an open mind, have courage, and are willing to take on the challenges of standing on your own two feet, then working with us is for you. If you just wish to speak with someone and share experiences, we are willing to do this as well at no charge. We will not counsel or mentor you through your case fully without making some shared benefit between us.

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