trust family estate

  • Estate Planning organization
  • Rights of succession
  • macro financial planning
  • property setup and management

financial planning

  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Titling recording of assets
  • micro financial planning (budgeting)
  • Banking


  • Specific course work for financial knowledge
  • Major item purchasing items, techniques, tactics
  • Trade, professionalism, business fundamentals
  • Learning the game that is not taught in school

Our dedication to assuring that athletes get all the services they need is the foundation for Simple Playz.  We want to assure that these services are available to the athlete at any point in their career and often, these services are not available until an athlete has already lost and wasted money of personnel that are not the right fit for the athlete.  This part of our mentoring and education is combined with the network of people and groups that are available to start the athlete and their families on their way to find the resources they need to manage this grand opportunity for success.  Our services include but are not limited too:

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