OuR team

Sid thompson

  • Salty Dawg
  • Don't fuck with him, he does bite
  • He played hockey (questionable how good, he still has his teeth)
  • Hell of a DJ

Kevin Ryherd

  • The Rev, definintly no saint
  • Face made for radio
  • Hairline still holdin on

Brian Neudahl

  • Statistician/Booking Agent/Marketing
  • Former event coordinator
  • Internship with Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, NFF
  • 7 years in Sales (geared toward sports apparel),
  • 20 years of retail Management/ mentorship experience

will stein

  • super Duper fan
  • always seems high 
  • gets into some shit, not sure how

Ulish booker

  • Michigan State 
  • Pittburg Steelers
  • Reign Fire European League

steven martin

  • 3 time state champ Jefferson City High School Jefferson City Missouri
  • University of Missouri Columbia 4 year starter
  • 10 year NFL veteran Colts, Eagles, Jets, Patriots, Chiefs, Texans, Packers, Vikings

Zakk Ryherd

  • Producer Bison Graphics
  • Rev's mini me
  • bad ass grafics