Through necessity and diligent research we have discovered that hiring attorneys doesn't always work for your best interests, it works best for the attorney or the institution you lawsuit or claim is against.  We have discovered that no matter how great your stance is in your claim, the system will devour your efforts in presenting your simple case with complex procedures, buracracy, and draining your finances only having you  lose even if you win.  

We have found the true methods and procedures for which "the system" was designed to work with and we can get your case presented as it should be and get you a fast and speedy trial.  We opperate " in law" not "at law".  

We are not suggesting that all lawyers are bad, we are however noting that lawyers have the ability to negotiate other deals that serve thier interest and not yours.  Many people don't know this but because lawyers are members of the Bar Association (a private corporation) they can meet with other Bar Members (Judges, prosecutors, etc) at any time and conduct private business.  What they discuss in those meetings is private and only revealed if they elect to do so.  That means they can discuss your case as a negotiable asset for other cases they may have with that judge, prosecutor or opposing counsel.  This happens in plain sight and though they will never admit it, we have experienced it far to often and if you have had enough instances with the system, you have suspected it or seen it happen for yourself.

That is why we have formed a group of consultants, lawyers, and advocates who seek true justice and serve the interest of the client in the way that law should be perfomed not practiced.

If you have hired attorney's and have tried representing yourself but feel overwhelmed with the process then our advocacy is what you need.  If you have tried lawyers and have had limited to no success then our representation is for you.  If you feel you have an understanding and have some knowledge but not enough then our mentoring is for you.  

The only way we cannot help you is if you beleive the system works for you and justice is readily available.  We cannot help you if you think everything is ok and you just need to find the right attorney.  

We cannot represent you in your state court but we can mentor you through your state court process.